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A readable and comprehensive history of the unique region of the Northern Territory by its leading historian.
This is a full and revealing account of the perilous and adventurous course of the Northern Territory; a comprehensive account of its history which debunks the myths and makes human both the high and low points.
During the second half of this century writers, journalists and the tourist trade have promoted the image of the Territory as Australia's last frontier. To many Australians who live south of the Tropic of Capricorn the far north is still outside the real Australia. Until recently it was an area largely neglected by Australian historians who concentrated their work on the south-east corner of the continent. Alan Powell's work was one of the first to help redress that balance.
The Northern Territory is a wondrous place of bizarre natural history and eccentric personalities; of great unrest and great triumph. Far Country presents the place and its story with skill and simplicity.


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