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This is the compelling story of Anne Summers' extraordinary life. It's a story that has her travelling around the world as she moves from jobs in newspapers and magazines, advising prime ministers, and global leader of Greenpeace, all the while leading feminist debates and writing memorable and influential books. Anne has not been afraid to walk away from success and to satisfy her constant restlessness by charging down new and risky paths. Whatever position she has held, she has expanded what's possible and helped us see things differently-often at high personal cost.
Anne shares revealing stories about famous and powerful people she has worked with or reported on and is refreshingly frank about her own anxieties and mistakes. She shares a heart-breaking story of family violence and of the ultimate reconciliation with the father who had rejected her. Unfettered and Alive is a provocative and surprising memoir from someone who broke through so many boundaries to show what women can do.


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