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The Antonine Press and Golden Dragon Press, 1974. Limited Facsimile Edition of the 1659 edition, signed by both publishers and numbered 780 of 1000 copies.
Mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, political thinker, librarian, and occult philosopher, John Dee spent much of his time trying to communicate with angels and devils when he wasn't advising Queen Elizabeth or tutoring Sir Philip Sidney. One of the most significant figures in Alchemy and Hermetic Philosophy right at the time when Science and Magic each woke up frantic with the hunch it might be time to start seeing other people but kept trying to stick it out a bit longer, not quite ready for the 'It's not you, it's me' conversation. Dee finished his life as Warden of Christ's College, Manchester and died sometime in 1608-1609. Presumably buried at the Church of St. Mary, Mortlake, because of course his gravestone and all parish records are missing.


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