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Dear Lover, You deserve to get a love life that makes you feel alive, unique, and valuable. You deserve a partner who is committed, thoughtful, and who communicates with you easily.This generation has birthed a lot of confusion around dating, relationships and love.Dear Love Life: Efficient Dating in the Technology Era, gives realistic, raw, and honest guidance to the Dear Love Life readers to make their dating life instantly better.This text works for singles, couples, and people who are broken down from previous dating experiences. Sylvester uses his introspective style to navigate the reader through a program that is easy to retain and practice.He has three common principles on which the program is built. Then, he offers tactics, strategies, and understanding for each situation that you'll encounter in relationships.You deserve to get the love that you claim you want and Dear Love Life will ensure that you are the most effective lover possible. It will give you the skills, the tools, and the knowledge you need to be the lover you want and to attract the lover you deserve


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