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This is an ambitious and resounding attempt to document - through photographs and interviews - expatriate Australian artistic talent across a wide international spectrum. The publication of 'Love It and Leave It' is to coincide with a major exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, and will play a major role in defining the lives of expatriate Australian artists today. It will also mark Nathalie Latham's emergence as an important Australian photographer in her own right, having already produced an impressive archive of significant, contemporary portraiture. Nathalie has travelled extensively, and bases her work on the people she encounters through her journeys, often using text, photography and video. Through her work, she attempts to break down individual preconceptions and allude to the universality of the human experience, while exploring the relationship between the artist and their environment. 'Love It and Leave It - Australia's Creative Diaspora' began as a labour of love in Paris in 2001.Inspired by an awareness of the increasing number of creative Australians travelling to Europe and establishing successful careers, Latham initially planned a tribute to legendary nomadic Australian fine-art photographer Max Pam, then visiting Paris. Latham soon realized her project demanded a much wider viewpoint in order to address the numerous Australian creative expatriates living and working elsewhere throughout the world. 'Love It and Leave It' uses a fusion of Nathalie Latham's arresting portraits and searching interviews to eloquently document Australian expatriate artists currently living and working in the world's major artistic communities.


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