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Mulholland Drive is one of the most interesting films of recent time. But, David Lynch has always been an interesting filmmaker and give him an interesting topic (Hollywood) and he was always going to produce something memorable. This film may be ‘weird’, ‘strange’ or just plain ‘confusing’ but it is put together with masterly aplomb and rewards any viewer who is prepared to actually engage in and experience this truly wonderful film.
It follows the arrival in Hollywood of the young fresh-faced wannabe actress Betty (Naomi Watts), who discovers a very strange nameless woman (Laura Elena Harring) in her new apartment. The stranger has lost her memory - having survived a pretty wicked car crash - and has an innate fear that someone is out to kill her.
Betty decides to help her and the girls find themselves right up to their gorgeous faces in the seedy side of Hollywood.
For two hours you are on a marvellous Lynch journey that will have you riveted to your couch and your mind racing to work out how things are going to work out.
Who is what? What is what? Where is what?
The characters are terrific, the film-noir mood irresistible and the lead ladies are sensationally beautiful. Watts is outstanding and Harring not far behind.
It's like Twins Peaks on acid and is utterly compelling - two hours and 25 minutes of macabre thrills, highly charged erotica and indelible images..

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