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Essentially the story is about Brian. At birth mistaken by three wise men for the Son of God, his mother raises him to believe that his father was a certain Mr Cohen. But it transpires that his father was in fact a Roman centurion, one Naughtius Maximus. Horrified, Brian decides to join a rebel group, the Peoples' Front of Judea (not to be confused with the Judean Peoples' Front). The presence of Judith in this group is another incentive. The group plans to kidnap Pilate's wife, but their mission goes astray with unforeseen consequences, Brian being mistaken for the Messiah. But as we all know, he's not the Messiah.
Brian was directed by Terry Jones, who also plays Brian's mother (in the original script called The Virgin Mandy). Brian is played by the late Graham Chapman, who does triple-duty as one of the wise men and Biggus Dickus. The rest of the Python troupe play multiple roles: John Cleese, who left the troupe after the third TV series but returned for the films, is PFJ leader Reg, several Roman centurions, a wise man, the master of ceremonies of a stoning and others. Michael Palin is Pontius Pilate, an ex-leper, a prisoner chained to a wall, a mild-mannered and overly-polite Roman official supervising the crucifixions (through the door, line on the left, one cross each) and more. Eric Idle is Stan, a PFJ member who wants to be called Loretta, plus a haggling beard seller and one of the prisoners slated for crucifixion. Terry Gilliam is a hilariously mad prison guard and he also did the superb production design on the film. Python regular Carol Cleveland has a small role and there are cameos from Spike Milligan and executive producer George Harrison. Judith is played by Sue Jones-Davies.
DOCUMENTARY - The Pythons (49:55)


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