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A Heritage of British MONARCHY
A chronicle of Romance, Scandals & Conspiracies.

British Royal Heritage
A complete history of British Monarchy in 60 minutes. An irreverent, humorous, yet historically accurate romp through the good, the bad and the extremely ugly Kings & Queens of Great Britian.
With Ethelreds, Matilda's and so many Henry, Georges, Williams and Elizabeth's, sort out your Tudors from your Stuarts once and for all !!

British Royal Scandals & Conspiracies
It may seem that a conspiracy theory is a modern phenomenon, but look into the history of the British monarchy and you'll find a shocking number of skeletons in a awful lot of closets.
uncover for yourself the gruesome murders, dangerous liaisons and political back stabbings that made history and make up your own mind about the fact behind the fiction.

Royal Romance Of The British Monarchy
Throughout British History the romantic escapades of the Royals have fascinated mere morals, ever since the first Kings & Queens were crowned. This touching passionate and at times downright scandalous journey will reveal the Right Royal Romances that changed the course of history, including the likes of Henry Vlll and his many wives and Charles ll with his curvaceous orange seller, Nell Gwyn.

Diana Remembered
This DVD looks at the public perception of Diana, her life and death, then more is revealed about the shy young girl who was transformed
into the queen of so many hearts.
We will follow the Diana trail to see the places that influenced her, through to her final resting place in the Northamptonshire
countryside as well as piecing together the events of the Diana era in history.


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