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There is no doubt that Bill Shankly was one of the greatest managers of all time. The former miner took over at Second Division Liverpool in 1959. The changes he made there were nothing short of revolutionary and few would argue that it was he who transformed the sleeping giant into the great club it is now. To the people of the city he was a hero they could relate to and even today, more than 25 years since his death, he is remembered with love and admiration. Tom Darby has spoken to some of the men Shankly moulded into great footballers - among them Ron Yeats, Ian St John and Kenny Dalglish - who recall their memories of him for this book. He has also gathered together stories from ordinary Liverpudlians whose lives were touched by the genius Scotsman. Whether profound, witty or sarcastic, Bill Shankly's comments on life and football are as relevant and entertaining today as they were in the 1960s and '70s. Talking Shankly is a timely tribute to a true hero.


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