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In the frenetic restlessness of Western Society, our lives have grown too busy, our attention too lazy. We have lost the sacred art of being present — to the fire that burns inside us, to the wind that blows above us, to the water that flows between us, to the earth that stands below us. We have ceased to see the deeper reality, the ‘mountain behind the mountain’, the soul of our landscape and our connection with it.
It is time to open our eyes, to come to attention.
These Wandering Feet is a poetic exploration, made up of over 100 poems, through the sacred lands of pilgrimage. Australian poet Joel McKerrow invites the reader to join him as he traverses outer landscapes from Australia to North America, Europe and the United Kingdom; while at the same time walking the inner landscapes of shadow and faith, doubt and light, presence and absence. From unfolding with the questions to wrestling with the unknown, it is a journey of depth into what it means to truly see and to truly listen— in a world that is always speaking.


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