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This title in New Holland s award-winning Green Guides series investigates the ever-popular subject of Australia s seashells and other marine molluscs, including squid, cuttlefish, octopus and ridiculously colourful nudibranchs. The structure of this book is similar to that of other titles in the series. Fact panels cover interesting aspects of the subject, including what these critters eat, where they live, how they reproduce, and why certain species pack a very poisonous punch, with some of the strongest toxins known in the animal kingdom. Meanwhile, identification spreads cover all the key species and families which occur around Australia, including the likes of cowries, cone shells, murex shells, giant cuttlefish, pyjama squid and blue-ringed octopus. The many beautiful images are taken from the author s own collection, which has been built up over many decades, making it an entertaining and enlightening read for everyone.


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