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This is a book about the excitement of sailing. The characters, the adventures, the disasters--and the quiet little drink afterwards. No sport generates more anecdotes than ocean racing. It's a world rich in bizarre incidents, outrageous behavior, intense camaraderie, and engaging humor Yachting yarns are the wellspring of a unique folklore that stretches back more than a century. All Piss and Wind celebrates that free-wheeling, larrikin spirit. The author, David Salter, is Australia's leading columnist and feature writer on the sport of offshore sailing. Salter draws on a treasure-trove of stories and lifetime of personal involvement. He provides a first hand, deck-eye view of a world where the line between fun and survival can be perilously thin. All Piss and Wind carries the conviction of experience and the authority of knowledge--all enlivened by the author's sure ear for humor.


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