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Phillip Adams says he stopped believing in God at the age of six. At sixty-eight he has gathered the best of his essays on God and godlessness into this bible-banging, irreverent book.
At the age of six, Phillip Adams stopped believing in God. A lonesome traveler for decades, he has found that atheism is suddenly fashionable and the ranks of disbelievers are swelling.
Picking up where Adams vs. God left off, Adams has collected his best essays on God and godlessness in this irreverent, Bible-thumping book. Guided by a sceptic's curiosity, he has travelled the highways of Catholicism, Islam and creationism and delved into a cosmos of multiple big bangs and religious quackery. In all, he's found little to recommend in either the missionary position or in a globalised God.
Adams vs. God- The Rematch is a book for our times. From the deep north of Queensland to the deep south of the USA, Phillip Adams exposes the links between religion and politics and the fanaticism of ideologies as causes of conflict in the world.


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