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Jan Wong's China takes the author of RED CHINA BLUES back to China to report on what the 1990s have done to the country. It is a collection of short pieces, rather than a continuous narrative, and will be enjoyed by fans of her highly acclaimed RED CHINA BLUES and newcomers to Wong's writing alike. JAN WONG'S CHINA is a fascinating read and full of material that is up-to-date and very different from what most of us know about modern China - with its Prada-buying middleclass, flushing toilets and quotas for everything (including how many people drown per council area per year - functionaries can lose their jobs if they fail to meet the quotas!). Jan Wong writes with humour, perception and above all knowledge. Because she looks Chinese she has access that no other outsider would have and thus she can interpret well for a western audience. She also tackles serious topics such as Tibet (which she visits and contracts some hideous intestinal worm from eating rancid yak butter); she updates us on the student heroes of Tiananmen Square and the continuing repression; the one child policy, etc.


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