πŸ”΄ Condition - Very Good πŸ”΄

In the winter of 1998, armed only with a stopwatch, Queenan risked death as he plunged fully dressed into the icy waters of the Atlantic, in an attempt to prove that Leonardo DiCaprio could not possibly have lasted as long and talked as much as he does at the end of Titanic. It is this cavalier disregard for life and limb that has made him our most beloved, heavily medicated film critic.
This wickedly funny book sees Queenan back in the movie theatre, heckling the stars, directors, producers - and audiences - that define today's film industry. With his keen eye for fraud and pomposity, Queenan takes on such lofty subjects as 'The Remains of the Dazed' (an informed discussion of the Merchant Ivory duo's oeuvre) and 'Hair Force' (a treatise on movie stars with 'hideous, hilarious, or otherwise highly disruptive hairstyles'). And not to be missed - his plunge down a flight of stairs in a wheelchair to see if Mel Gibson's antics in Conspiracy Theory can be duplicated.


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