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Since the beginning of 2020, the British Government, led by Boris Johnson, began predicting an imminent coronavirus catastrophe and instituted a multitude of measures, never before seen in peacetime, that have affected the economy, health, and liberty of our country. As the pandemic has progressed, there is now clear evidence that these decisions have been almost entirely wrong and have caused far more harm than good.
In The Cult of Covid: How Lockdown Destroyed Britain, Jamie Walden forensically examines the data and decisions that led to the incredible events of 2020-21, and analyses the political and cultural dynamics of the Covid-19 lockdown in Britain- from the scientific advice, the overwhelming evidence that lockdowns do not work, and the collateral damage they do to public health- to the economic collapse the lockdown has precipitated, the attack on freedoms we took for granted, and the way it has changed our behaviour for the worse. The book shines a light on how the mistakes were made and shows just how easy it is to be swept along by a tide of panic and fear.
A must read for anyone who wants to weigh up all the evidence, and decide for themselves, this book is an important contribution to our understanding of how political decisions are made, and it demands to be read.


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