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The book about a man who has become a legend from the tip of Cape York to the southern end of the country! Michael Fomenko is the man who dared to live his own exotic dream, which was anything but typical for a boy from the city. The mystery surrounding the man who lived a hermit's existence grew year by year as people came to know the man who would be seen?? trundling down the high roads and byroads of Far North Queensland. Through perhaps his only friendship struck up with?? local man Harold Jung, the story of this quiet and reclusive man was revealed. When Harold passed away, his family ensured his wish to see Michael Fomenko's story told, and asked accomplished author Peter Ryle to take the information andimages Harold had gathered over the years and complete the task. This book is a compilation of the research and conversations Harold jung gathered over the many years of his friendship with Michael Fomenko.


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