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Koliptus, A Koala's Tale, is a picture book about an Australian koala, his family and other bush friends. Filled with gripping adventures, delightful illustrations and factual information about koalas and their native habitats, it's for children aged 10-14.
The story commences with Koliptus as a young koala, living in his mother's pouch. His young days are filled with fun activities under the safe supervision of an attentive mother. However, as he grows older, he commences his life journey to find his sanctuary which will provide food, shelter and safety for himself and his family.
It is this quest for security that provides the story of the koala in Australia today. Battling disease, developers and bush fires, he doesn't live the life of luxury we would wish for this little, furry friend. However, there is always a human or two willing to provide kindness and protection to ensure our native fauna can continue to survive in a constantly shrinking habitat.
Koliptus, A Koala's Tale, is an engaging picture book that provides conversation starters for parents on the importance of animal conservation.


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