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Cassell's Chronology of World History lists year by year and region by region not only pivotal historical and political events but also advances and achievements in the arts and sciences. Charting the rise and fall of civilizations and empires, as well as the arrival and impact of cultural and technological innovations, it guides the user through the myriad developments and upheavals that have shaped the history of the world. The volume is divided into four broad sections, each of which is preceded by a narrative essay depicting in broad brushstrokes the salient developments and trends of the period in question. Within each of these broad sections, a series of 'spotlight' essays look at key historical themes in the history of the period, from the Arab Revolution and Islam's God to the American Hegemony. These essays - together with the author's 100 profiles - complement perfectly the chronological content of the volume and provide the user with a twin-track entry to the book.


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