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Gone are the days of yore when secrets were handed down by word of mouth from witch to witch, when those new to the practice were initiated by their elders! At least they were gone until now. Lady Raya's unique book, with accompanying CD and access to her website, give new initiates feedback at every step in their learning process. Follow the 13 lessons here to learn the basics of Wicca history, belief, and ritual. Learn about sacraments and sabbats -- holy days. Learn about spells and how to cast them. Learn chants, and songs, and prayers. Finally, on the completion of lesson 13, the student can -- if he or she wishes -- become a full initiate of Elijan Wicca. In these 13 lessons, Lady Raya directs the reader in how to discover -- and use for greater good -- inner truths, intuitive powers, and the blossoming of the divine within.Wicca -- and witches -- are the subject of television shows, movies, and dozens, if not hundreds of books. But this is the first printed and interactive text to teach seekers step-by-step how to practice the old ways, how to incorporate their practice into their daily lives, and how to bring them into the Elijan coven through 21st-century technology. This witch's primer presents a 13-part course in the tradition of Elijan Wicca. As the student works through each of the lessons, he or she may take an online test. In the virtual environment of the World Wide Web, the student can also meet with other Elijan Wiccans.


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