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This fascinating facsimile diary offers a first-hand account of Robert Ripley's travels to far-flung exotic corners of the globe in search of the weird & wonderful during the 1930s. 'Ripley's Search for the Shrunken Heads' is an evocative pot pourri of the journeys and discoveries made by Robert Ripley in the 1920s and 1930s. It features the highlights of those daring escapades in which he set off on the merest whiff of a rumor that something exotic and unique was there to be found in Panang, or the Phunjab, or eastern Persia. With his drawings, cartoons, doodles, and memorabilia, the book puts in an atmospheric context the strange and bizarre world that unfolded before Ripley's gaze. . From lakes of soda & bridges of blood to the shrunken heads themselves, Ripley's discoveries are laid out for you to explore in fantastic three-dimensional detail in this extraordinary book.


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