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What is psychology's place in relation to Indigenous Australian people? How do we ensure Indigenous Australians have a voice within psychology? How do I interact competently with Indigenous Australians? Thought-provoking, interactive and practical, Indigenous Identity in Contemporary Psychology: Dilemmas, Developments, Directions explores a range of issues surrounding the establishment, development and maintenance of connections between psychology and Indigenous Australians. This accessible and original resource uses the author's personal voice to illustrate the changing nature of the relationship between psychology and Indigenous Australians. It describes how psychology and psychologists can play an important and useful role in assisting Indigenous people and their communities, with a focus on achieving social justice and promoting dialogue. An exciting new text, Indigenous Identity in Contemporary Psychology encourages readers to reflect honestly and deeply on their own attitudes. Moreover, this text offers practical advice for psychologists interacting with Indigenous people and provides models of engagement for facilitating culturally competent involvement.


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