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Liyarn Ngarn, in the Yawuru language of the West Kimberly region around Broome in Australia's far northwest, means 'Coming Together of the Spirit'. It epitomizes a thirty year long mission of Indigenous leader and Yawura man, Patrick Dodson, to bring about a reconciliation between the original owners and the immigrants. This documentary describes the devastation and inhumanity bought upon Indigenous people in every aspect of their daily lives. Personal stories of injustice are recounted by English actor Pete Postlethwaite, as told to him by Patrick Dodson and Bill Johnson, an old English school friend, whose Indigenous adopted son Louis (born Warren Braeden) was murdered. Archie Roach adds his powerful lyrics and voice to this often painful, yet inspiring, journey of strength. Liyarn Ngarn aims to change peoples' perception and attitude to Indigenous people and to assist with the process of reconciliation. It also offers an epitaph to the Indigenous lives lost through sheer inhumanity.


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