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Long regarded as one of the best touring car racers in the world Peter Brock was a legend in Australian sporting lore. Much has been written about him but like many famous people his early life has never been accurately documented. Writer, Colin Fulton, with help from the Brock family and many people who knew Peter in his early days have chronicled the racer's early life; from his childhood to his first victory in The Great Race in 1972.
Peter was sometimes a controversial figure and this book reveals little known facts about his life in the army as a National Serviceman, the failure of his first marriage and the gestation of the famous A30 racer which launched his career.
All the central figures in his story are here: his brothers and key family members, the legendary head of the Holden Dealer Team, Harry Firth; his Chief Mechanic and friend for many years, Ian Tate; fellow racer and HDT team member, Colin Bond; the man who actually instigated the Holden Dealer Team, Peter Lewis-Williams, childhood and school friends, plus many more.
Both photographer, Terry Russell, and writer, Colin Fulton, knew Peter in his youth and their work reveals much about his childhood and teenage years.
Colin Fulton was a journalist and as a racing driver and long time friend of Peter Brock has used his knowledge to write a vivid and accurate portrayal of this unique Australian legend's Road to Glory. Most of Terry Russell's photographs are published here for the first time.


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