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When Bob McDermant joined the Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade in 1947, he expected to undergo training for his role as an 'ambo.'
But there was none. To his further dismay, the equipment was antiquated and the procedures were based on a manual that hadn't been updated for 50 years.
So Bob and fellow ambulance officer Arthur Deoberitz set out to make some changes, constantly coming up against apathy, resistance and fear of change.
But due to their persistence, determination and visionary outlook, they succeeded in introducing a training program and bringing treatment in line with modern medicine.
This is the story of Bob's life of service, from the Field Ambulance in WW11 to his 39-year career in the Queensland Ambulance, helping to lay the foundations for the progressive and highly-skilled paramedic service of today.
Bob's contribution was recognised in 2010 when he was awarded the Queensland Ambulance Service Distinguished Service Medal.


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