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Melbourne at the end of the century...modern economic miracle or a society imploding with savage politics and despair? This collection presents a gritty portrayal of real life in an urban wasteland. Who's Afraid of the Working Class? is the story of fringe-dwellers, living at an age of social, economic and moral deprivation. Mostly without work, and politically uninterested, they work at survival. A bathrobe, a table, a bed, a clothes line. Amongst the floral dresses and underpants hangs George dead. Polly Blue is a peep-show into suburbia, in which Belinda Bradley probes the apparent intimacy of a shared environment. In Features of Blown Youth, Raimondo Cortese explores the frustrations and the demons facing young people living in the inner city -- scarce employment, drugs, loneliness, depression, sexual obsession, exploitation, hopelessness.


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