🔴 Condition - Very Good 🔴

The set here is a special 3 disc edition with two discs devoted to 25th anniversary edition of ROCKY HORROR SHOW and a single disc for SHOCK TREATMENT. The ROCKY HORROR portion includes the movie, audience participation tracks and video, commentary by Patricia Quinn and O'Brien, segments from a 'Where Are They Now?' special on VH-1, and tons of featurettes featuring cast, crew, and fans.
SHOCK TREATMENT includes a remastered print of the movie (for the first time in widescreen on DVD), a commentary track from the fan club president and his friend (they tell trivia and do some of their 'act' for screenings), two features with interviews from cast and crew members about the making of the film and the score, and trailers (which are bizarre and worth a look). Richard O'Brien does not make an appearance in ANY of the extras, so we have to rely on people involved with the production such as director Jim Sharman and Patricia Quinn to fill us in.


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