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From a fifth-grader who brought a pickled octopus in a jar for show-and-tell, to a high-school dropout who joined the military tactical fighter squadron, to a deep-water diver, international entrepreneur, and adventurer, to a hippie and Australian bushman, author Jim Broman has seen it all, done it all, and lived it all. Throughout his storied life, Broman made the most of the wisdom gained through diving and living. Moon Pool tells how he discovered life is a series of moon pools, the openings in drill ships divers jump into in order to traverse the ocean's depths. Some of the moon pools brought Broman to the face of death; others have shown him the true meaning of life. They've all been life-altering experiences in their own way: challenges, opportunities for growth or change or healing, incredible moments of varying duration filled with deep and far-reaching significance. This memoir describes his life of risk and adventure and also his love of nature and the sea, set against the backdrop of some of the most magnificent exotic locales in the world. By his own admission, Broman always loved thrills and extremes. But it takes more than loving them to survive combat and deep-water diving. You have to know how to access the inner core of yourself if you're going to make it and thrive through extreme situations. This memoir chronicles his adventures, his inward journey, and the place where they merged: the moon pool.


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