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>A fascinating social history of the development of boxing in Australia. Fighters by Trade brings vividly to life the boxing world of historical heroes and modern-day gladiators. From the brutish beginnings of cobble street fighting on the squalid streets of London in 1700 to the illegal bare-knuckle fighting of colonial Australia to the spectacular stadium events that attract stars and celebrities in the 21st century, Robert Drane details the 'sweet science of bruising' following the human stories behind the development of boxing. This knockout combination of history and true life boxing stories of some of the boxing greats such as Les Darcy, Vic Patrick, Lionel Rose, Jeff Fenech, Kostya tzu, Zab Judah, Anthony Mundine and Danny Green illuminates boxing in all its literal and symbolic glory. Each chapter connects with a powerful punch that will thrill lovers of history and boxing alike.


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